Concept Obsession

Part 1


In this article am going to talk about the “Concept obsession” which infects the architecture student from the first studio for the rest of his life. I started reading many articles for different authors &  gathering my small experience from the past two years at school to present a content with Contains sufficient answers for all the queries you have. Main headlines followed by important points should be enough to describe the idea of our subject, so lets start to define the word of “Concept”…

A concept is an inspiration, an idea, a vision. Based on one’s experiences, exposure to the architectural world, other styles, own ideas “it is the inspiration that suddenly comes to mind, or light of inspiration” one receives after working arduously on a project seeking for a solution. all of these thoughts must be translated to a building. A building that must reflect your concept & idea not only by doing a likable form or a nice façade, it’s directly connected of living it, feel it and accept it.

It is the underlying principle, the underlying inspiration that enables an architect to have a vision that will unite the form, function and program requirements into one integral design or guiding idea. It can be in the form of a sketch, a mental image that leads to various sketches and organizational patterns, or it can be a concrete expression of a basic idea one is trying to achieve in order to resolve the architectural problem at hand.(Source:

Most of us had the same problem on his first studio at the university with the “Concept”. How could we develop a concept or how could I do a conceptual analysis, the definition up there should be enough to let you understand the specific meaning of concept. But what is coming next is basically a brainstorming been shorten in a small part would help you to understand the qualitative of applying your idea !

To be continued…


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